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US Warned by Europe NSA Spying Must Stop Immediately

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Congress is circling the wagons to protect the US spying effort against everybody everywhere. The pretense or terrorism is absurd. They do not need to be storing every possible phone call and email in Utah, which is in fact what they are doing. The revelation that the NSA is even spying on the European politicians grabbing all their emails and phone calls demonstrates that the US has gone way too far.

Despite all of this evidence, Congress has circled the wagons to deny everything and protect the NSA claiming their need this to fight terrorism. The bullshit is getting so deep we passed the shovel stage. It is far worse than the press has reported. The degree of protecting the NSA in Washington has seriously damaged the entire respect for the United States and had revealed it has become the hated Stasi. Even Putin has come out and told Snowden to stop the leaks because this is really revealing the USA is way off base and the more that comes out it compels even Russia to then respond. With Europe, France is warning it may now even stop trade negotiations.