US v Europe

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Dear Marty,
My favorite part of The Solution is that it is so logical. If something can move us forward from this mess in which we are that is logical thinking, it has always been and will always be our specie’s best resource.It has taken me days to digest the information, not because I didn’t believe The Solution was right but because in order to really get it I needed to be able to explain it to others and even adapt it to different scenarios. The Debt to Equity Swap is such a good move that even a ruined economy like Venezuela’s, could make this step and re-start our dead economy. With a different government if we would dismount the price controls and currency pegs, a Debt to Equity Swap could even bring back to life the almost inexistent Caracas Stock Exchange, and this would generate new confidence which we sadly have none now. However, the idea is great, and so logical! As you say it’s perhaps our only choice as a society if we intend to carry on. The actual concept of money was totally mind blowing as well.

As always thanks a lot Marty for using your brain for the Good. I’m trying to share with friends as much as I can but it’s incredible how hard it is for people to think out of the box, even people I consider pretty smart react reluctantly to the no tax and no federal debt approach, like they can’t conceive the world without those. Socialism is very deeply melted in our collective conscience, it looks like as you say it will take major pain for the majority to react to the facts. But I believe that this new era of hyper fast information flow will allow the data to reach the collective in less time, so yes, there’s optimism among the disaster. Big thanks for sharing all this, congrats on the conference being a success and Huge Congratulations on what the movie is achieving so far. Take good care my friend.
Blessings and Happiness.
REPLY: Yes we are a curious species prejudiced and fixed in our ways. We see the technology advances in everything even the NSA, yet we cannot take a single step forward in economics because we still see the world as flat. The response seems to take a few days to settle in. The response from Europe is amazing and far more rapid that in the States. That is because they are living the pain. However, the first country to take it up will most likely also come from outside the USA. That is where any reform will begin.