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US to Spy on Citizens as fear of Civil Unrest Rises

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U.S. government to use ‘drones the size of GOLF BALLS to spy on AMERICAN citizens’

They are not looking for terrorists. They are worried about civil unrest coming because of the debt crisis and they are scared shitless watching what has gone down in Europe. This is all about keeping government in power – that is the bureaucrats who really pull the strings of your so called “elected” officials who have sold Americans down the river for the best deal personally.

Why is the US Press silent? You really have to ask that question?
Let your subscription expire to the major newspapers. What happens. They still deliver them. Why?
So they can pretend to advertisers that circulation has not declined. RIGHT!

Thanks for the free papers. But summer is here so I don’t need them for the fireplace.
A Nice gesture though.