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US State Department says “FUCK EU” over Ukraine

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The Ukrainian situation behind the curtain is just insane. Now a leaked recording of a telephone conversation between US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland and the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt discussing who should be in Ukraine’s next government has, according to The FT, threatened to fuel east-west tensions over the troubled nation’s future. All along the current government in Ukraine has alleged that the protesters have been funded by the USA. Leaks like this can only make the situation really critical. Russia has responded and this now provides the excuse to justify any invasion by Russia.

EU has failed to join the USA in threatening sanctions against Ukraine’s leaders if they violently crush the protesters. This clip clearly at least has a voice that resembles Ms Nuland who simply point-blank states “Fuck the EU”. As the two US diplomats decide whether “Klitsch” or “Yats” should be ‘in’ or ‘out’, this plays directly into the entire crisis.