US Promises Snowden No Death Sentence or Torture

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Snowden Edward

Let me make something very clear. The USA routinely tortures people. The press simply will not report it as such because they are controlled. If they report anything the government does not like, the journalist is targeted by the IRS and any individual that does not do as Washington demands is dead meat. I personally met people from newspapers who explained the process. A person imprisoned from the NY Post explained the government calls and says they would “appreciate” a favor. You deny it at your own peril. I was given 1 year in prison.

I met from Guatemala BYRON BERGANZA who was sentenced as a drug king-pin to 262 months in prison. They kidnapped him from a party they set up in Ecuador because Guatemala would not extradite him. They claimed he knew all the Colombian drug lords and demanded his cooperation. He declined. His daughter and grandchild traveled to New York City to visit him monthly while being held pretrial. Annoyed at his refusal to give them what they thought he knew, the prosecutors released a false story in the Spanish Press claiming he had evidence on all the Colombian drug lords. They killed his daughter and his 5 year-old grandson and never blinked an eye. Neither the court nor the prosecutors ever acknowledged any responsibility for the murder of his family.

There is no federal judge that will ever chastise any government prosecutor and courts will never rule against the government. When a district court judge tries to uphold the constitution, the court of appeals quickly reverses them as they recently did upholding indefinite imprisonment with no lawyers, human rights, or constitutional rights. If any foreign land treated an American the way they run the US courts, the USA would be the first arguing others do not respect human rights when the USA is the largest violator of those principles. Why did Homeland Security by hollow point bullets that are illegal in war for domestic use? Why does the USA have more people in prison that Russia, China, and Europe combined yet only 4% are in prison for violent crimes. Innocence Project has freed hundreds of people on DNA evidence proving they were wrongly convicted.

Henry PatrickPromises that if Snowden returns he will not be sentenced to death or tortured are bullshit. By the time they get finished with him he will pray for the death penalty. They will mentally torture and abuse him and his family until he dies. There is no court in the land that will ever entertain any claims of abuse. There is nothing left in the United States and this widespread surveillance is just an example that we have no rights whatsoever and no judge will defend the constitution when they are former prosecutors hand picked by the White House. Snowden better resolve himself that to live and protect his family, never return to the United States – it is over. He is a hero to libertarians – a traitor to anyone who works in Congress or the bureaucracy for daring to tell the truth about what they are doing behind the curtain. And then these people have the audacity to ask people to die for the constitution in battle. They have disgraced the countless people who have died in all conflicts and wars for their political agenda. My own family have served in every war since the Revolution. They have no respect for anything or anyone but their own unbridled power. Patrick Henry said it best when the king had oppressed Americans dismissing all rights as they are doing now – “Give me Liberty or give me Death”.  They have disgraced what those words once meant all to maintain power.