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US Preparing for Civil Unrest

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About two weeks ago, the US Special Forces Command was in Minneapolis with a slew of special ops guys and black hawks, conducting “urban war games”… they didn’t advise the public, and so people were calling the police when black hawks were buzzing around the skyscrapers downtown Minneapolis, landing on the roof of the Federal Reserve..At least 4 formations of 4 choppers, flying without lights, about 300 feet from the ground thru St Paul onto Mpls sacred the hell out of the population. They were flying stealth military aircraft, without lights, and so low to the ground. Anyone who does not believe the internet kill switch is designed to prevent social media from allowing the people to assemble, which is their right under the First Amendment, as was done in the Middle East and in London, then you better read this.

Thanks Obama and the new legislation that allows for the arrest & detention of American citizens and for US Military troops to be on the streets against the people. All those who said it would never be used for such purposes, read this one.

This is like Tunis, back in 1997… a soldier on every corner with an AK 47.

They know what is coming. Forget Hyperinflation, they will use troops before they pamper everyone with endless paper.