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US & EU Sanctions Against Russia Threaten the Entire World Economy

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The brain-dead idea of sanctions against Russia are really threatening the entire global economy. Then combine the USA hunt for anyone with money overseas via FATCA, the EU’s covert federalization of Europe and the suppression of democratic processes, well these politicians just cannot see what they are doing is ripping apart the very fabric that holds the entire global community.

The grounding of a subsidiary of the national airline Aeroflot because of EU sanctions has been met with a Russian threat that all European flights to Asia over Siberia may be banned. Quite frankly, if I were Russia – I would do it and not threaten. Politicians in the West have to be taught a lesson that the only path to reduce tension is negotiation. The more they try to impose sanctions, the more Putin will be seen as a national hero and the more hatred they will brew between the Russian people toward the West. This is just not going to work and you cannot explain reason to people who are unreasonable. Attempting to create a coup in Russia to overthrow Putin will lead to war. He will not leave any more than the EU Commission will suddenly decide the people have a right to vote for those positions. Dictatorship is still a dictatorship regardless of the label. In the USA, Obama’s abuse of the NSA, IRS, and the CIA is also non-democratic targeting Congress no less.