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US Dollar Holdings Rose in December to $5794.9 billion

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US Dollar Eye

Chinese holdings of US Treasurys declined in December by a modest $48 billion. China’s holdings of dollars dropped from $1316.7 billion to $1268.9 billion. The US Treasury holdings by foreign entities increased in December, from $5716.9 billion to $5794.9 billion. This is still showing the rising trend on a global basis for the dollar. The US claiming they will defend Japan against China has shifted China’s strategic reserve position as their economy declines while the increase in dollar holdings came from Europe for fear of the Euro and rising tensions of war and civil unrest. So far, this is a trend that is lining up with the Cycle of War. We would expect dollar holdings to decline among China and Russia while Europeans will be buying everything they can get their hands on as was the case during WWI and WWII.