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US Does Not Tolerate Free Speech Either – Hypocrisy at its best

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If we do not respect that people have an absolute right to freely protest whatever they object to, then there can be no free speech or a free society. There is no such thing as being just a little-bit pregnant. The US claims it is never locking someone up for what they say, it is not having a permit, walking on the grass, or some one of a thousand other things that can trump the constitution whenever it is convenient like holding on to the White House fence..

They locked up some 200 students for protesting against the keystone pipeline. It does not matter if we agree with such students or if they will agree with themselves 20 years from now. The point is we do not have a free society when police can lock up demonstrators who are NON-VIOLENT in front of the White House. Obama would have had Martin Luther King locked up if he dared to hold on to the White House fence. Hypocrisy at its best.