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US Criminally Charged Swiss’s Oldest Bank

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Behind closed doors, the universal image of the United States around the world speaking with other people in government was clear – it is regarded as the schoolyard bully. It uses its military power to plow down international law so that no one will stand up to the USA and say hey – you are out of line. Once upon a time, the Supreme Court stated that international law was a part of US law. No longer. The number one US export today that surpassed rock music and bluejeans is US law. Nobody will deal with Americans anywhere and here is why. To give teeth to this new law since December 2011, the USA criminally indicted in February 2012 Wegelin & Co – Switzerland’s oldest bank for helping Americans hide money. So if a foreign institution does not spy on American citizens outside the USA, they can be indicted in the USA.

There is no choice but to plead guilty when charged in the USA, which is why their conviction rate tops the world, including those of Hitler, Mao, and Stalin. Most civilized countries do not recognize conspiracy as a crime. The USA charges everyone with conspiracy because they do not have to PROVE you actually did anything. Conspiracy is the presumption that your wife shoplifted but you knew she did and encouraged her to do so even if you were not with her at the time. This is why they put on “lifestyle” attacks on anyone they charge. With the Tyco head, they showed he threw a party for his wife that costs a million with ice sculpture. All of this is to show he spent money and you have to then find him guilty by what you THINK he had in his MIND to support this lavish lifestyle that becomes the motive.

Everyone else has “attempt” where you tried to commit the crime, and an actual “commit” the crime charge. The USA has “CONSPIRACY” where all you have to do is “think” about a crime and thus are presumed to have “agreed” that someone else will attempt or commit the crime. The problem with conspiracy is the state threatens another or agrees to lessen their penalty if they testify that Wegelin KNEW they were hiding taxes and thus CONSPIRED. You can never PROVE what someone had in their mind so the whole thing becomes just a mud slinging contest. Let someone keep their money if they testify against the bank and it is a done deal. This practice is as old as criminal prosecutions. US Justice Scalia wrote in Crawford v US, 541 US 36 (2004):

“The most notorious instances of civil-law examination occurred in the great political trials of the 16th and 17th centuries. One such was the 1603 trial of Sir Walter Raleigh for treason. Lord Cobham, Raleigh’s alleged accomplice, had implicated him in an examination before the Privy Council and in a letter. At Raleigh’s trial, these were read to the jury. Raleigh argued that Cobham had lied to save himself: “Cobham is absolutely in the King’s mercy; to excuse me cannot avail him; by accusing me he may hope for favour.” 1 D. Jardine, Criminal Trials 435 (1832). Suspecting that Cobham would recant, Raleigh demanded that the judges call him to appear, arguing that “[t]he Proof of the Common Law is by witness and jury: let Cobham be here, let him speak it. Call my accuser before my face … .” 2 How. St. Tr., at 15—16. The judges refused, id., at 24, and, despite Raleigh’s protestations that he was being tried “by the Spanish Inquisition,” id., at 15, the jury convicted, and Raleigh was sentenced to death”.

Wegelin had no choice but to plea at a hearing before Judge Jed Rakoff in US district court in Manhattan id course. NYC prosecutes the world. Conspiracy was invented by the Romans and it was the undoing of their society as well just as the US use of Conspiracy that can drag any bank into the USA which is why everyone is refusing to deal with Americans. Edward Gibbon wrote of Maximinus I (235-238AD) and how he destroyed the economy in the same manner. He charged one Senator with conspiracy and executed 4,000 others (confiscating their property) for somehow knowing and agreeing with one man. Gibbon wrote in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

“A conspiracy against his life was either discovered or imagined, and Magnus, a consular senator, was named as the principal author of it. Without a witness, without a trial, and without an opportunity of defence, Magnus, with four thousand of his supposed accomplices, was put to death. Italy and the whole empire were infested with innumerable spies and informers”. id/Vol I, Chapter 7

This is how the USA is destroying the world economy. Nobody is paying attention and just look at the changes in global behavior, capital is contracting. Refuse to invest. And it will park causing the economy to decline and the VELOCITY of money to plummet. WHY? All to get taxes nobody really needs to pay anymore because money is no longer tangible. It can be created at the whim of government.

This is all part of the cycle and the end of times insofar as government as usual.