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Update on Crimea

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Yalta – Crimea – Resort
The summer season in Crimea is now opening. Here are photos of the main Crimean resorts now (Yalta, Alushta, Ordzhokinidze, Sudak, Kerch etc). All of them are empty. No tourists and NO RESIDENTS. What was a vital resort is vacant this season. Moreover, Russian residents are not allowed to drive through continental Ukraine to get to Crimea. Now it will take much more time for them to get there, which is very bad for tourist season.
Today´s May Day rally is mandatory in Crimea. I know people who grew up behind the Iron Curtain and even back in 1988/1989, every hospital or school had to go to May Day parade in the USSR. Children had to wear national costumes. Today, University professors have admitted they were told to gather the students for the May Day parade as in the old days. Factories, institutes, are all closed and workers are to appear to show happiness.
Many people may not understand the strategic importance that Crimea has played over the centuries. But Yalta was the place where the famous conference took place between Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill.