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Universe without Singularities

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There is another group who have attempted to argue against the theory of Big Bang and what I explained would be the Big Crunch. The entire problem in the theory is that no one seems to be able to explain what happens before the instant of Big Bang. General relativity implies there should have been a Big Bang. Others have attempted to create new models to really avoid the problem of explaining the singularity that existed prior to Big Bang. (see: No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning).


All I can say is based upon my work in other aspects, it is the same structure on a fractal basis. Markets move in the same manner. We must move to extreme over-bought and extreme points of over-sold. This is the ENERGY that propels the market movement. Government tries to peg currencies to stop the movement and others rant and rave against declines as evil manipulation by some dark lord of Wall Street. At the top and bottom, the majority MUST be wrong for they are the fuel to reverse the direction. At the top, everyone is long and sees only higher multiples. At the bottom, nobody want the stuff and the low is made usually by a short-cover rally.

Consequently, I see no need to try to create models or avoid singularities when they exist only for an instant. All of these problems stem from the assumption that somehow there is a dense mass that just spontaneously explodes. They cannot describe that explosion process, so there is the debate. Quite frankly, if the answer does not lie in a perpetual state of dense matter that somehow just spontaneously explodes, then to me there is no reason to assume that this Big Bang and Big Crunch have not taken place perpetually. The Big Crunch implosion sets the stage for the opposite reaction – Big Bang.

Hey – this is not my field. All I can offer is an opinion based upon the evidence I have seen how everything else functions. I assume everything is fractal and there is no need to theorize a perpetual state of dense energy and mass that somehow just existed. If that were the case, then yes, I would have a problem with assuming some mysterious process that creates a spontaneous explosion. However, this is a process that has been perpetual. ENERGY can neither be created nor destroyed. It has always existed. Some call this the definition of God. Who knows. From what I can observe in the functioning of markets is the fractal nature that complies with the same laws of physics. How is it possible for me to have discovered the Economic Confidence Model was first published in 1979 from that simply list of international panics I came across in the Library?

1683 1711 1720 1731 1745 1763 1772 1783 1792 1814 1818 1825 1857 1866 1869 1871 1872 1873 1884 1890 1893 1895 1896 1899 1901 1903 1907


This covered a time period of 224 years and the number of panics within that period being 26 after 1683, produced a frequency of 8.6 years. After years of study applying it throughout history, Armstrong believed this frequency dominated the global economy since Roman times. I discovered it in ancient times as well as modern. I tracked waves throughout history and numbered them for research.


What I discovered was everything functioned in a fractal manner. This is why the model is designed with each level of time scaling up. I discovered this on tick charts intraday to charting trends over thousands of years.


The accuracy of working things out to the very day shocked me. This is why I say this was my DISCOVERY and not my THEORY. I would NEVER have theorized that such accuracy existed. The frequency of 8.6 years works out to 3141 days (Pi x 1000). The wave structure of 8.6 years is divided into two 4.3 year waves that are again divided in half being 2.15 years, and then down to 1.075 years.



I began to see the swing back and forth between where CONFIDENCE resided that then accounted for the rise and fall of nations. No matter what we look at there is a structure of two opposites – male and female. This is the building block upon which the entire universe is constructed. It is ONE law that applies to everything.

There was a major Australian public company that had lost over $100 million on managing the A$. The board of directors ORDERED the CFO to meet with me. Naturally, someone coming in from the outside when you have been dead wrong sets up a hostile confrontation instantly. The gentlemen countered with whatever I said as that could have been luck or coincidence that our models were correct.

I was getting nowhere. One giant waste of time. So I asked him, what was his background for nobody ends up doing what they have a degree in from school outside of doctors and lawyers who practice instead of running for politics. He hesitated and finally said in a low voice – nuclear physics. Most CFOs I found tended to be engineers. A said great. Lets now look at this through the Laws of Thermal Dynamics. Instantly, his face showed the shock. He said, OMG, there has to exist a cycle. I said you got it.

So to me Big Bang and Big Crunch are correct. If there is some singularity, it exist as the two forces of implosion and explosion meet for a instant if not a millisecond. That is my OPINION based upon my observations of everything else. The universe always was and always will be. The essence of pure energy.