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United Stasi of America

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The thing I find truly astonishing is just when you think the US press could not possibly sink any further, they amazingly find even a lower level. It took the Guardian in Britain to expose the NSA in the USA. It took the American press 30 seconds to discover Snowden’s girlfriend.Snowden's Girlfriend (1)

The images of Snowden’s girlfriend dancing on a pole and posing in underwear is about as meaningful to the issue at hand as who was Obama’s first girlfriend. Perhaps if we discovered that, it might shed light on his ability 50 years later to be President? Anyone who has spoken to anybody who grew up in East Germany will tell you the NSA is acting PRECISELY as did the Stasi – the most notorious secret police in East Germany. There is absolutely nothing the government is now not collecting.

Then they harp on Snowden dropping out of school. Actually, those who do not conform and have the guts to stand up also have trouble with schools teaching the same nonsense. They get board and move beyond the teacher. Bill Gates dropped out and started Microsoft. Then there was Winston Churchill. Snowden fits the bill. To quote the Last Lion:

“Clearly there was something odd here. Winston, Davidson had con­ceded, was the ablest boy in his form. He was, in fact, remarkable. His grasp of history was outstanding. Yet he was considered a hopeless pupil. It occurred to no one that the fault might lie, not in the boy, but in the school. Samuel Butler defined genius as “a supreme capacity for getting

its possessors into trouble of all kinds,” and it is ironic that geniuses are likeliest to be misunderstood in classrooms. Studies at the University of Chicago and the University of Minnesota have found that teachers smile on children with high IQs and frown upon those with creative minds. In­telligent but uncreative students accept conformity, never rebel, and complete their assignments with dispatch and to perfection. The creative child, on the other hand, is manipulative, imaginative, and intuitive. He is likely to harass the teacher. He is regarded as wild, naughty, silly, unde­pendable, lacking in seriousness or even promise. His behavior is dis­tracting; he doesn’t seem to be trying; he gives unique answers to banal questions, touching off laughter among the other children. E. Paul Tor­rance of Minnesota found that 70 percent of pupils rated high in creativ­ity were rejected by teachers picking a special class for the intellectually gifted. The Goertzels concluded that a Stanford study of genius, under which teachers selected bright children, would have excluded Churchill, Edison, Picasso, and Mark Twain.”

The Last Lion Pages 158-159


This NSA obsession to know everything and store it all in Utah historically is one of the final signs that marks the collapse of a civilization. Even in Venice, they set up the Mouth of Truth where anyone could drop an accusation against anybody and never had to reveal who they were. This is indicative of the END TIMES. There is never a reversal of trend once the civil unrest begins and you then see that Homeland Security is really about protecting government from the people – America from Americans. Any government that reaches this point where it cannot sleep at night worrying about what someone might be thinking is close to its own demise. It is part of the self-defense mechanism where government continually becomes more suspicious of its own people because it is losing control. We have lost our government by the people and the “Free Press” is now interpreted as free to report anything but the truth.

This is why NO MAJOR ECONOMY has ever gone into HYPERINFLATION. That presumes in a fully developed country (not revolutionary Germany), that government will just print to HONOR its debts. That has NEVER happened! Government will ALWAYS go after your ass, seize assets, and simply suck the entire economy into a giant black hole. The Russian Revolution executed tens of millions. Anyone with wealth or a brain like that of Snowden. This is the REAL danger we face. It is the extinction of society as we know it. Species go extinct. So do governments and cultures. Every empire, nation, and city state throughout history are all burried in a common grave. Do you really think we are smarter than everyone that has tried this same stuff before and failed? The crisis we face this time is perhaps the worst in all history for there is no New World to migrate to and run. That means Homeland Security will reduce the population and thin the herd.

Even the notorious Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) is embarking to enact new rules that will force failed bank losses upon investors following the Cyprus and European model. This mechanism known as a “bail-in” is migrating to Japan. They will all do the same.

CentralBank Balance Sheet

Here are the central bank balance sheets. Look at Switzerland. It has the biggest of all because its government is buying all the euros people swap for the Swiss. If you want the trade of the decade, sell euro and buy Swiss. The government will lose a fortune precisely as did Britain.

I cannot explain this any clearer – NO HYPERINFLATION   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Governments are attacking the precious metals markets in force. The US has refiners accounting for every shipment incoming and outgoing – who, where, and when. I have been also stating that the PURPOSE of precious metal coins are (1) the hedge against government not inflation, and (2) they are the means to enable a transition of wealth from the present to a new currency if we can save the day. If we cannot blink and save the day and it all goes extinct in a Mad Max event, then even precious metals collapse in value and food becomes number one. That is why the fall of Rome led to Serfdom. All wealth collapsed and people became serfs to survive. Those that live in cities go first.

The nonsense spouted out about HYPERINFLATION is just that – total crap! It has been propagated by people trying to sell precious metals and relies upon the hyperinflation of a communist revolution in Germany who invited the Russian communists to come take Germany. Wealth did not survive the Russian Revolution. They killed anyone they thought was hiding wealth.

Welcome to the next phase of our demise – The United Stasi of America.