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Understanding the Extremes on Both Sides

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To make this perfectly clear, extreme views on the left or the right end up meeting in the same back parking lot where they agree the people are the great unwashed and are too stupid to see they need to be manipulated and controlled. In Europe, so-called democratically elected representative lie their ass off to get elected and then do their best to deny the people the right to vote on the very issues if the EU Commission is wrong will tear the continent apart in war. This idea that a single government would prevent war is childish and stupid. If that were true, there would never be a revolution where provinces, states, territories, or possession seek independence. The very idea of new world order is without any foundation in history and it up their with global warming – one giant fraud.
The problem with socialism is the assumption that they know better and that the people do not deserve to retain their own earnings. The extreme right-wing nuts-jobs argue that the people need to surrender their right so those in power can protect freedom. This is a real paradox in logic.
Undoubtedly, the perception that there is a single cause and effect prevents any progress in our expectations of political reform We end up with this overall tendency to paint everything the tone of this black/white thinking. It seems that human nature, when left to its own devices, is incapable to dynamic thinking as a group. Of course both sides just lie and throw in social issues to cover-up their economic agenda. They are like the street magicians who keep moving the shells around in circles to ensure the player picks the wrong one every time. Complicating the issue begins with always blaming someone else – never those in government. This is why career politicians are so dangerous. They are incapable of ever self-examination. Hence, progressing and moving forward as a society is sheer impossible.
When the economy turns down, targeting the rich is the favorite past-time of the left while the right will move against foreigners regardless of the race, creed, or language. The left targeted the Jews throughout history as the “rich bankers” that becomes get the Jews. The only time get the bankers did not turn into get the Jews is when the bankers were the Italians in Florence back in the banking riots of 1343. Every instance of Jewish persecutions has been with the economic declines with the exception of the attempt to break-away from Rome following the death of Nero in 69AD ending the Julio Claudian dynasty. The expulsion of the Jews in England, France, and Spain took place when they states were economically broke. France went as far as to seize the Vatican and moved it Avignon and then the pretend French Pope authorized to confiscation of the Knights Templar. Edward I in England borrowed from the Jews and then confiscated all their property suddenly discovering the were Jewish. Economics has changed everything and the antics of Goldman Sachs actually inspired Antisemitism when the economy turns down making all Jews pay for their bad behavior.
Thrasymachus Quote
While it is nice to say we are all equal and religion or color mean nothing, when the economy turns down, career politicians need to blame someone. The Christians were the culprits for burning down Rome during the Great Fire of 64AD. The only fair criteria has been to attack the minority whoever they are at that moment in time. It is always the power of the strongest against the minority. Even Thrasymachus defined justice was only the will of the stronger and thus all governments are the same. The socialists use it to attack anyone with wealth against the 10 Commandments that forbid coveting their neighbor’s possessions. The extreme right justifies suppressing the rights of people to protect their freedom to maintain rights. The children starving in Africa is by the same hand of corruption regardless of the form claimed by government.
The primary issue is economics. Unfortunately, turn the economy down and what you get is finger-pointing and that always is directed at minorities or foreigners regardless of the culture. Evidence of that was the Boxer Rebellion in China  against foreigners no different from going after the Irish-Italian Catholics during the 1800s USA. We see the same against Turkish in Germany or any foreigners. I disagree with any religion being involved in a state law for the freedom of religion is the freedom not to have one as well.
Whatever you declare to be illegal only renders that target tax-free and a more viable business. Outlawing alcohol did not stop people from drinking but it funded the Mafia and point them on the map. Making prostitution illegal has led to kidnapping girls and forcing them into prostitution. You cannot eliminate human behavior by law no matter what. Illegal drugs have led to countless battles and the corruption of governments everywhere. There was no a single drug dealer in federal prison who was caught with a pile of cash whose cash was not  amazingly stated as half of what was confiscated. They are told to shut-up for more money means more time.
The point about taxes is rather simple. If government at the federal level stopped taxing people then the lobbying would stop. If we ended CAREER politicians and returned to citizen democracy rather than a republic, things would amazingly become fairer for everyone. It is the taxation that creates the corruption and therein we will see the rise of the strongest to influence power regardless of the system.
The socialist and the extreme-right-wing agree in Washington right now. This is what I say that if you appointed Boehner dictator for a month, he would not change the system. I have worked with politicians around the world. I had a mandate from Hong Kong to try to buy land from Australia to relocate. I met with the Treasurer at the time Mr. Keating who later became Prime Minister. He told me flat outright – NO. Why? “Because they were not Labour people!” What did that mean? They would change the demographics and vote conservative and his party feared losing power.It was not about Australia – it was about the Labour Party.
It is always about power regardless of the side of politics. Everything Obama criticized Bush for he has done in spades. Was it Obama? No! The people behind the curtain do not change with the change between left and right up in front of the curtain. They remain the same so the people have no real power and if you think the Republicans would not raise taxes when the crunch comes – you are dreaming. Already, you have had John McCain vote to tax the internet. They are all the same.
There are two sides to a coin, us v them. I do not care if you have right-wing or left-wing government. Both have endorsed the “socialism” of Marx that creates their power base to justify manipulating the great unwashed stupid masses. As such it is their social benefit not that of the people. About 70% of the total national debt is accumulated interest. That did not build roads, schools, or even pay for wages. That is the bottom line. We have to reduce the size of government for they are indeed the “public servant” that contributed nothing to the national wealth of a nation but consume the wealth created by those who work in the private sector. Adam Smith was correct – everyone pursues their own self-interest. That applies to both sides.