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Understanding Everything is Connected

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COMMENT: Marty; I attended that Vancouver Conference. I found my notes and everything you said unfolded and now even the electronic currency you warned us was on their wish list back then. You are the only person who ties the world together. You have shown us the light in how to analyze the future. I can see the trends in slow motion just as you described even back then.

I know you loved Vancouver. We do miss you not running around Canada providing lectures in all the cities up here. Nobody I know of even bothered to go up to Edmonton but you and nearly a 1,000 people showed up for that. Would be nice to have you back now that Canada is also looking at bail-ins. Hint Hint! Your call on Russia moving into a low in 2020 is indeed scary. That is not good for economic stability.

All the best


ANSWER: Thank you. But it is my clients that trained me. Having to help people around the world forced me to see everything through everyone’s eyes. I am just not domestic. If you never leave the USA or the country you live in, how will you ever understand international capital flows. Trade is such a tiny fraction of the overall movement of capital yet people think only in terms of trade balances.

If I can show the world we are all connected, then perhaps we will not aggravate the business cycle and reduce the volatility that results in hard time and war. Putin is being forced to raid the Wealth Fund to waste money on infrastructure. That is not going to save the Russian Economy that remains on a good day, half of Japan on a bad day. I would be glad to help Russia really compete. If I could turn it to economics the right way, they would lead Europe and the USA out of Darkness. But academics still rule economics.

Yes I remember Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, and I was amazed we always had audiences that probably topped 10,000 there alone. I do radio interviews in the region, but I do not know about touring again. We are working hard on migrating Socrates to the Web and then we will go public to protect the system so it remains available to all.

Thank you once again