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Understanding 2014

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2014 What it Really Means


The number one question coming in by the hundreds right now is: What does 2014 really mean to individuals. This is what the 2014 Conferences will be all about. We will hold three conferences. We will do the Sovereign Debt Conference for one day in Philadelphia as last year. This will be priced at $250 as a public service that really just covers costs. The object is to get the word out as much as possible. We will include a discussion of the Cycles of War because this is going to be very important.

Occupy Goldman Sachs

There is NEVER zero activity on the War Cycle. It differs between international conflicts (war) and domestic conflict that can be civil unrest or graduate to civil war. The primary issue is up until now, there were protests like the worldwide Occupy Wall Street movement that turned international. But these protests were not violent. What we are just now starting to witness is the rising tide of violence as in Ukraine, Italy, and Brussels. This is the real trend and it will start to rise exponentially in 2014 and build from there.

We have not yet set the date or the venue in Philadelphia. However, this looks to be the last weekend in March and we will hold this on a Friday.

2014 Seminars


We will be holding a Training Session (How to Survive Your Own Trading Decisions) for a full day. This will be held on the Sunday following the Friday Session. Here we will explain how to look at the world properly, the best techniques for trading, how to trade a Panic, and overall portfolio management.

These two sessions will then be followed by the 2 day World Economic Conference where we will go over the various markets in the world and we will be introducing the Global Correlation Models for demonstration.

Conference 1

Please register your interest. Keep in mind that we are limited by venue as to how many seats we can accept. The 2011 WEC in Philadelphia was limited to 300 and we had over 600 people trying to get in. So we do have to go on a first come first serve basis.

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