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Ukraine – The US & Russia Propaganda

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; Thank you so much for defending the people of Ukraine against those who claim we are just manipulated by the CIA. These people have no understanding of what we have gone through and for what so many have died for. You have been truly an inspiration to our desire to be free.


God be with you



REPLY: Thank you. There are just so many people who want to think the world is dominated by some all-powerful group yet they cannot grasp that no such group exists. There are groups that try to influence trends with bribes and all sorts of schemes. But nobody is actually in control of anything. Those who think they are in control are simply delusional.


I am deeply sorry for your lack of support you have gotten from the West. I am more upset how the US usurped your government installing its cronies rigging your May 25th elections and depriving you of the benefits of your grassroots revolution. The CIA is only capable of creating a coup – never a revolution involving millions. There are people just blind to this stark difference. Russia on the other side has invaded the East and pretends that there were really just separatists in full military gear. Both sides try desperately to hide in the shadows while furthering their own self-interests and feeding the propaganda that small minds become absorbed by.


I fear the CIA spin is really a cover-up to hide from the world the global-uprising that is underway against corruption that brought millions out from the homes there in Ukraine. An example of this was a story of how a man was enraged against police handing out traffic tickets that are really IRS agents on wheels that can cost people their homes and jobs under the pretense that they protect the public.


One such victim saw a policeman with radar-gun hiding on the side of the road. He took his car and drove into the police car killing both. The story first reported an enraged motorists whose car was filled with tickets sought revenge. By the nightly news, the story became a motorist went out of control and hit a policeman and both were killed. They again altered the story when a man perched himself on a building across from the IRS and was shooting IRS agents as they came out of the building. That is how the story was reported at first and again it was altered to a crazy gunman was shooting people randomly on the street. In both cases, the story was altered to hide the fact that people were retaliating against government. By saying the Ukrainian Revolution was a CIA plot, diminishes what you fought for and hides the truth that people are getting angry at government corruption.


So it is very sad that people keep spinning this nonsense about the CIA for this hides the global trend and prevents people from seeing Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand, Venezuela, Bosnia, and even Nevada are all the same trend. The more they claim it was a CIA plot, the less support you get from other nations. What European will now take up arms to defend the CIA? There will be none. So I am deeply sorry that these people are so quick to sell you down the river because they prefer conspiracy to reality.


This is what government as a whole wants. As long as the CIA can be blamed, then government is safe and they stop a contagion of worldwide civil unrest against corruption. Russia targets the CIA so that other nations will not support Ukrainian people.The whole CIA story is designed to make sure Ukraine receives no support. This is standard operational procedure I have witnessed so many times. Blame the CIA and you prevent the public from seeing the uprising against corruption. So my deepest apology for those in the West who spin the CIA story preferring conspiracy while letting your people suffer and die.


In the East, they declared the official hunt for those, who have any opinion other than that of a separatists in Luhansk. The well-known lawyer Chudnovsky was shot at for refusing to take part at a press conference together with the separatists. In Donetsk, pro-Ukrainians were told yesterday they are giving them “one more” chance to join Russia. The persecutions have begun. On Facebook, Ukrainians are posting names of the dead.


Those who keep attributing everything to the CIA have greatly harmed Ukraine. I am truly sorry you have not gotten the support you deserve. Everyone has a right to freedom. The political machinations of the US and Russia plow down the rights of the individual. Each government is only interested in political power and could care less about the blood they leave on the streets.