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Ukraine – the Truth

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I seem to be well read around the globe. If there is one position I am consistent on is that I have NEVER met with any government that is honest or for the people regardless of its declared stance – it is always about their own self-interest. Governments, of every variety, are only interested in maintaining their own power at all costs. To our many Russian readers, be very careful not to mix nationalism with facts and by no means credit the United States for power it wished it had, but lacks no different from Russia.

One comment from a Russian reader explains the likewise bias of pro-Russia that is equally dangerous as being pro-American. Open your mind and take in the facts – this is not a sports game rooting for one team v another. Both extremes in this issue hide the truth and muddy the waters. The same is true of conspiracy theories like the latest one that the UN agenda will be to swallow all the sovereignty of nations after 2015. Just use your head. Will Russia surrender its sovereignty to be ruled by the UN or the United States? Come on. Governments have the power and will never yield it to another voluntarily. The conspiracies of a one-world government are based on this insane idea that if there were no governments but just one, there would be no war. Absolutely Brain-DEAD and it is of the same myth as marriage that will be perfect bliss and happily-ever-after. That is not human nature. Family members fight – that is being human.

The comment was:

There was a new evidence unveiled today, that after all United States orchestrated all of this, and the snipers, who shot at both sides are in fact some of the new ‘leaders’. You have been ahead of the press in all developments in Crimea, but now interestingly you omit this development. Turns out this whole ‘revolution’ was a US game. Of course, Yanukovich is scum, but which political leader is not. I think you lost some of your integrity for not following up with what seems to show you were wrong. I would love to see your comment on that.

I have been ahead of the press because I have direct contacts in a lot of places. In the case of Ukraine, I have direct contacts in East and West and on both sides of the issue.

Over the years, the common bond has been our model. To gain its insight, people have come from every government and from every nation. Many have realized that to get you must give. We have had access to information that at times even the intelligence community envied. Margaret Thatcher asked me what was being constructed in Russia secretly underground that the spy satellites could not track. I know directly from sources in Russia how Putin came to power, who was involved, the sequence of events. The one thing about our computer model, it is not emotional and calls the shots without bias, prejudice, or political favoritism. (see Global Market Watch Russian Traded Index).


The Ukrainian Revolution was GRASS-ROOTS – not a CIA plot – sorry! Every single revolution comes only from the grass-roots. A coup is a small group of strategic players who attempt to seize government that are typically funded by an adversary. This is indicative of CIA and KGB plots. The July 20th, 1944 attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler falls into that category.

Revolutions are distinguished by mass rebellion against a government. This is the category into which the Russian Revolution resides as was the case with the English, American, French, Japanese, and Chinese Civil Wars. Coups are distinguished by small numbers typically led by assassins or military leaders.


Throughout history, such leaders always attempt to gather the support of the GRASS-ROOTS for they realize they cannot win without it. This is simply a fact of politics and it extends from ancient times to today since human nature never changes. This is illustrated by Brutus who assassinated Julius Caesar, fled Rome because the people disapproved, he then tried to raise an army and gain that support. Here is a coin declaring he killed Caesar to support the people. But the majority did not buy it. It was over corruption as always. Brutus’ head was cut off and sent back to be thrown at the foot of Caesar’s statute.

The CIA was not capable of creating a GRASS-ROOTS revolution any more than the KGB. Throughout history, NOBODY has ever been able to achieve that goal. That does NOT negate the fact that they then try to get involved. However, such involvement is not the instigation or spark that ignites the issue any more than the French support for English civil wars and the American Revolution.


We break down every event into its particles of sand that compose the whole. I am not supporting the CIA by stating they did not light that spark, I am merely saying the truth that they do not know how to do that and no government possess such power. If events were the mirror image, I would say the same about the KGB. To me, ALL governments are the same for they all survive only by sucking the life-blood out of the people.

Milgram-StanhleyTo understand anything we must reduce it to its seed. Only from that position can analysis begin. The reason governments cannot orchestrate a GRASS-ROOTS revolution is the same reason you cannot alter the course of a bear or bull market. To accomplish such a feat, would require changing the thinking process of most of the people. That cannot be done overnight and people are followers – not leaders. People will react only when they see the majority moving in that direction. It is like a herd of zebra. A lion approaches the herd and the those on the outside see it, panic and run, Every zebra now begins to run yet they known not why just that others are doing it. This is the herd mentality and sadly to say – we too are just a herd. Stanley Milgram’s experiments putting just one person on the street looking into the sky at nothing revealed that people walk by and assume he is nuts. However, put 5 people out there starting at nothing, you will see a crowd form to look at whatever it is they are looking at – albeit nothing.

La Fayette (1757–1834)

The French aided the American Revolution with funds, food, and arms. Some supported it personally and came over like General La Fayette (1757-1834), but he was not funded by the French government. The French did NOT create it – they “assisted” the event. This is the same thing in Ukraine. The US government by no means CREATED the Ukrainian Revolution – it will assist in every way possible at this time for it sees Russia as its adversary. Do not confuse the two roles. ABSOLUTELY NO GOVERNMENT can create a GRASS-ROOTS movement – it beyond the capacity to manipulate a market like that, the economy, or the political movement.


As for the neo-Nazi element, those in Maidan were like the Democratic Party – a coalition of separate groups coming together for a common goal. Trying to label all neo-Nazi is like trying to call all Democrats black, women, or gay. There is a neo-Nazi element that are anti-bankers, Jews, and have the same ideas that surfaced in Germany. They also wanted 7 years imprisonment for a woman who had an abortion. But these are the fringe – not the majority. They have zero chance of getting those ideas in any law. Claiming that everyone in Maidan wanted to kill Jews is a serious distortion. Most people there were the educated, scientists, artists, and people who were liberal and European in that respect. These pictures demonstrate the GRASS-ROOTS movement that was just as real as the Russian Revolution.

As for the snipers, it has been very strange that two were in custody but nothing was being done. Associated Press reporter Yuras Karmanau was in Kiev, where he personally witnessed snipers killing unarmed protesters. He wrote:

“I heard a strange clanking sound this morning in my hotel room overlooking the Ukrainian capital’s main square. I carefully opened the balcony door and looked down. A bullet from a sniper rifle was on the floor of the balcony. … When I walked out into the Maidan [square], clad in a helmet and a flak jacket, I saw bodies lying on the pavement. Ten in one place, another six a short walk away, five more farther away. The demonstrators were killed with precise shots to their heads or necks, the hallmarks of snipers.”

Now it appears that the snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev may have been hired by some of the neo-Nazi Maidan participants. A leaked phone conversation between Estonia Foreign Minister Umas Paet and European Union Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton indicates there maybe evidence that some people perhaps loosely connected to Maidan in Kiev were behind the snipers who shot at unarmed protesters. Nobody can identify who they were, but it was not the “leaders” of Maidan since it is hard to find anyone who is in charge even today. If this is true that someone was involved, they also deserve life in prison. No one knows who this person or group was, yet it has created even more distrust among the people toward anyone who was a former politician.

This allegation has emerged from the conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister that emerged online. The pro-Russians have twisted this into the “leaders” of Maidan when nobody knows who is even a leader. The lack of prosecution of the two in custody became a serious question in Ukraine for people wanted to know what was going on. There is no doubt, there were some participants who were trying to fuel the flames or rebellion. However, this was again something to further the event rather than initiate it.

There are people there right now trying to figure out who are the so-called “leaders” since nobody is stepping forward. They are trying to put them in touch with me as the alternative to the IMF proposals that will no doubt economically retard any new government. So there are no “leaders” that I know of at this point for there is simply no trust.

However, listen very carefully to this conversation. It confirms what I have been saying. This is a GRASS-ROOTS uprising against corruption where nobody previously in government is being trusted. Anyone who has been involved is disqualified. This presents somewhat of a problem for there is no structure to assume power. There are no puppet leaders to be installed by the CIA revealing this was NOT a coup – but a revolution. Do not get caught up in the politics and listen very carefully. We have a major uprising on the horizon against ALL governments and the pervasive corruption that they wallow in to further their personal desires. Overlook this point and you will MISS the global trend.

There are ALWAYS war crimes on both sides in any war. Human nature repeats always for there will emerge the same thought process every time. This is no different from the famous CIA plot concerning Cuba. It does not change the fact that Cuba was Communist. It just tried to get a GRASS-ROOTS movement for support that never got off the ground.


It was known as Operation Northwoods that was a proposal not so different from the snipers in Ukraine to kill you own to generate support. The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government back in 1962 actually proposed that the CIA, or other operatives, carry out perceived acts of terrorism in US cities and elsewhere, to blame Cuba to gather support for an invasion. These proposals were rejected by the Kennedy administration. This demonstrates my point – neither side is ever a saint and there will be an evil element on both sides. That does not justify coloring the entire movement by the actions of one element.

Do not mix what I am saying and recast it into US v Russia nonsense. Russia is no longer communist and the USA is not longer the land of the free and home of the brave. Both governments have moved simply to the same center point – self-interest with respect to power. Both will lie and manipulate the public and both will pursue their own interests. The US invasion of Iraq was not GRASS-ROOTS, it was an organized plot as was the case with Afghanistan and they tried the same bullshit to sell that scheme to the public concerning Syria. There was no GRASS-ROOTS support that rose up and said go get Iraq. Most American never knew where it even was.

I do not see the old Cold War slogan that Russia wants to consume the world to impose communism even mentioned anymore. I am not sure what either government opposes concerning the other since there seems to be a Cold War re-emerging that is just defined as Russian & American with no explanation. This is now devolved into the Hatfield–McCoy feud (1863–1891) where everyone has forgotten what they were even arguing about – they just hate each other with no comprehension why. What is the difference that warrants war?

Both sides now are supporting elements in Ukraine. Politics is now involved and we will see aid, weapons, and advisers from both sides.