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Ukraine should have Been Divided

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I initially disagreed with you that Ukraine should be divided. I lived in Donetsk. I have fled to the West taking my family to safety. Those of us who were pro-Ukrainian were the minority. More than 6,000 people have died trying to hold this country together. I concede, sir, you were correct from the outset. Ukraine should have been divided and all the money spent on war could have been used as you said to compensate for relocation. I understand your reliance upon history rather than personal biased views. It is a shame those in power do not share your wisdom.

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REPLY: We as a people ignore history and constantly make the same mistakes over and over. Why those in power even think they can draw borders for their political empire building is unimaginable. They have done this in creating nations after World War I and World War II. It has always cost lives no matter what its goals. World leaders have a tremendous amount of blood on their hands. We are more likely than not going into the eye of the storm of war by 2017. Nothing I can say will stop the dominoes from falling. They are married to power and power is all they see – never the people. People’s children die fighting their wars. More than 50,000 Americans died in Vietnam for what? I lost many a good friend to their insane posturing. They do not die for God and country. They die for political careers.

This is precisely why the US Constitution advocated (1) the right to retain arms was to prevent the government from maintaining standing armies. A standing army enables the head of state to use such power far too easily. (2) The prohibition against direct taxation was to secure your freedom – no income or property taxes that would ever require a citizen to account to the government. These two provisions were to secure the rights of man. Both have been circumvented.