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Ukraine Moving into Civil War – Turkey in Constitutional Crisis

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Lagarde Christine imf

There is not much left to be said. Christine Lagarde is a very evil manipulator. She has blackmailed Ukraine into fighting Russia head-to-head or she will pull the plug on IMF loans. The civil war burst out in full view in Odessa. Ukraine has 45 million people so it is not a small incidental republic such as Latvia and Estonia insofar as population is concerned.


The civil war has begun in Odessa. This region is far from concluded. We will see escalating war into November.

Erdogan Recep Tayyip - 2

In Turkey, the Constitutional Commission in Parliament, declared the ban on demonstrations in Taksim Square was unconstitutional. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the notoriously unpopular Prime Minister of Turkey, had justified the ban with national security and refers to the anti-terror laws to suppress political dissent. This is the very same excuse used by the Obama Administration – national security that is a code word for protect the government and its leaders.