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Ukraine – Crimea Occuppied – Yanukovych Still Mentally in his Disneyland

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Crimea has been severed and all roads into the region are now blocked. Pro-Russians seized the government and troops are pretending to be Ukrainian. Yanukovych made a press conference thanking Russia for his protection claiming he is still the President and any laws passed by the Ukrainian Parliament are not valid because he did not sign them. He claims he will remain the President for even the May elections are not valid. His argument seems to be Ukraine belongs to him and his sons to do as he likes.

Yanukovych also claims he did not order troops to shoot citizens from sniper positions. He claims Maidan is armed and aggressive when that was not true – they were unarmed and banned anyone from even drinking. If you were drunk, that was how they could tell you were from the other side trying to infiltrate their group.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has frozen about 20 accounts belonging to Yanukovych, his two sons, and other Ukrainian politicians. Poland has done the same as is the case in UK. There seems to be billions of dollars stolen by Yanukovych, far more than anyone could possible live on for his entire life. This is the example of corruption that is going on Behind the Curtain. Even in the USA, there is no real politician who leaves empty-handed, albeit perhaps not with billions.

Speaker Pelosi Holds Weekly News Conference

Nancy Pelosi goes for vacation in Hawaii using government jets and rents suites in excess of $10,000 a night. Head of IRS have acted extravagant with taxpayer’s money. This is a huge systemic problem and it is global.

Just for the record, this week I have a visitor from the Eastern side of Ukraine in the office to discuss their point of view. There are many political divisions there as well and it seems to be a consensus emerging that if you want to be Russian – leave. The Tartars have no desire to be Russian. They are more rural people and tourists typically buy goods from them acting like the Pennsylvania Amish. Crimea is strategically important for the Russian port and there are many Russians working there.

This old Cold War stuff is getting really old. The Wealth of a Nation is its productive capacity and Japan proved that by rising to the second largest economy and they has ZERO natural resources. Land accumulation is not it. Mind well the productive capacity of the population for that is the ONLY REAL wealth of a nation. Why the USA and Russia still have nukes pointed at each other is an open question. If we all live within our borders and abandon all Marxist ideas allowing the people to be free at last, then this war between kings and ministers is very old school. Who gains what? Does Russia really want to occupy the USA? Does the USA really want to occupy Russia? If the answer is no to both questions – then let’s get down to creating an economy that is free and stop the bullshit.