UBS & Manipulation

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Of course, the hate mail comes in about UBS from the diehard goldbugs still clinging to hope yet arguing at the same time that the metals cannot go up because they alone are systemically suppressed. It is really amazing how these people refuse to accept reality, yet cling to a market they claim cannot rise.  Here is the latest hate mail that illustrates just how naive these people really are and why gold has not yet bottomed until the markets utterly destroy them like the Hunts, Japanese, and the soon bond holders.

Mr. Armstrong,

Please explain the following story, as you constantly refuse to acknowledge ANY manipulation or suppression of precious metals prices…

Further… please go on to explain the dumping of massive amounts of gold during off hours… and explain the profit motive in this dump…

Are you really on the side of the PEOPLE, fella?  Are you a liar or a fool?



People like this became the jumpers during the Great Depression. There is a HUGE difference between SYSTEMIC manipulation that nobody can do or else Communism would not have collapsed, and rigging the game trading against clients.

No matter how many times I have stated the difference, these people hear ONLY what they want to hear and comprehend NOTHING. I have stated countless times that the money center banks keep track of people’s positions and routinely trade against them. For years floor brokers gunned for stops and shared that info with the big players. It was common to talk to the floor brokers and they would say where the stops were laid in above and below. That does NOT amount to the perpetual suppression of a market when there are no profits to be made. I have explained the manipulations are always rallies to get these suckers to buy the highs every single time. Yet, to them, rallies are real and declines are manipulations. Are they really that stupid or naive to believe these stories?

All I can say – keep believing what you want. Keep buying the highs and holding all the way down and complain you would have been right but for this or that. I just hope you wise up and bailout before you lose the house, wife, kids, car, and the dog leaving the only opposite choice to hanging-in your next prospect, which is hanging-up. Of course there is the option of jumping if you are a city dweller.

It is NOT just the metals they “manipulate” – it is every commodity, bond, stock, and currency for quick in and out plays. If they are so damn good, then please explain why they ALWAYS blow up and run to government for bailouts if they control everything? Scalping clients, which is routine, does not rise to the level of some perfect systemic manipulation that suppress the metals because you think gold should be at $50,000 because of stupid fiat fairy tales. – YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!!!! Sorry- it’s time for blunt reality.

Croesus Staters Heavy-light Monetary Reform

Gold will rally, but never to $50,000. All money is fiat and it always has been because government decrees the value of whatever it might be and they have ALWAYS made a profit even when it was gold. In plain words, that say it is worth more than its intrinsic value. FDR confiscated gold and then made a fiat decree revaluing it from $20 to $35.

Please explain if gold was the savior of the world, then why did Bretton Woods collapse and why are we still not speaking Babylonian? Lydia is where coinage was born. There the king reduced the weight of the coinage because he needed more money to fight against the Persians. It is ALWAYS fiat! Get real. Returning to a gold standard will NOT solve any problem. We had a gold standard and that still collapsed. It is politicians that are the problem – not whatever we call money.


Florence had a two-tier monetary system. Gold was used for international payments, like Bretton Woods, and silver was used domestically. Companies were requires to keep two sets of books reflecting international trade and domestic. There were riots in Florence when the price of silver fluctuated wildly. The people stormed the palaces of the bankers and burned them to the ground.


I fail to see how these goldbugs can walk around refusing to look at any other market and just profess they alone are subject to perpetual perfect manipulation so they are just constantly wrong. Fine – if you incapable of looking at anything but gold, then just go to NYC and jump – get it over with for life will never be real to you anyhow. You are just wasting your time and may be more of a source for global warming with all this hot air than cows farting.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can be manipulated against the free market trend – NOTHING. Government have tried from communism to socialism and failed. Japan bankrupted the Postal Savings Fund $1.2 trillion dollars trying to support the Nikkei. Even two past Federal Reserve Chairmen said the attempts of Keynesianism and manipulating the economy has failed. The theory there was simply that government could eliminate booms and busts. WRONG! This nonsense that I refuse to acknowledge ANY manipulation is sheer propaganda and lies put out by people who cannot argue against facts so they simply attack the messenger. Are you really that stupid? Or is it that you just hate anyone who says gold will decline before the next rally so you spin propaganda to try to deny free speech? Sounds like you should work for the government. Try applying at the NSA. Those that say this nonsense are clearly the real manipulators who try to fool people into buying to support their position. It is called – conflict of interest.

Perhaps you should read the transcript from court where I stood my ground against the manipulators. But they are incapable of systemic suppression if you can ever understand what that means. For you see Alan Cohen of Goldman Sachs seized all the tapes on every single manipulation I had documented since the early 1980s. Then they claim they were destroyed in the World Trade Center to protect the banks. Good one!

Those tapes would have exposed all this rigging of markets they have paid fines for 15 years in advance. However, the government covers this up. Just read Taibbi’s latest piece on JP Morgan. And you believe this propaganda that I say there is no manipulation of any kind? Are you even capable of independent thought?

TR02072000 Tapes