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Turning Point Coming Up

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DJIND-D 7-19-2014

The interplay of the War Cycle and the ECM is really getting interesting. We can see some wild swings ahead. This volatility will start next week and gradually build up into what appears to be a major focal point come November. The technical Breakout Channel on the Daily Chart is warning that breaking beneath that channel on a closing basis will warn of a possible near-term correction.

DJIND-W 7-14-2014


The major technical support lies at the 16254 level with initial technical support at the 16828 level. Watch the Bearish Reversals closely.

DJFOR-W 7-14-2014

Because of the importance of all of this and the success in the live stream technology for the Cycle’s of War Conference, we may try another streaming event on markets in September. This is starting to look really crazy and as quiet as the markets were for the first half of 2014, they look like they will be much more volatile the second half