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Trying To Trade

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Because governments are trying to hunt down the “rich” in their desperate move for money, they are really destroying the world economy. A European cannot open an account at Merrill Lynch with a broker he personally knows in the USA. Any foreign customer must trade exclusively through their “international” desk. Why? So they can report on whatever information their government wants to know. And people want to know why trading volume is still off substantially from 2007 levels? Big Brother is here and his whole family. Nobody has any privacy left all because lawyers want to be politicians who never honor their responsibility, spend your money without asking, and then hunt you down because you did not pay what they demand. And they call the Mafia illegal? Go figure, It’s still a shake down no matter who is in charge. And exactly how is the future supposed to be for our posterity? What’s next? Drones to police humans? Perhaps when born they just insert a chip in our ass so they know where everyone is at all times in case we do not drive a car with a black box or have a cell phone they can track. All because these people cannot be trusted with anyone else’s money.