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Trial by Ice – Not Fire – The New Ice Age Cometh?

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Hey – it is snowing in Mexico City. In the 2012 Maya Report, We published the natural cycles that are most concerning. About every 11 years with the Sunspot Cycle, the poles flip polarity on the sun. I provided the evidence obtained from the lava flows at the bottom of the sea that confirm the cycle for the flipping of the poles on the earth is around 720,000 years and yes – we are over-due.

Day-After-TomorrowThere was a film, the Day After Tomorrow, based upon a theory of what would happen with climate change. New York City would be under ice, not water from global warming.

There is actually hard evidence that the poles do flip and this is a natural event NOT CAUSED by man. So sorry, handing billions to academics for bogus studies will not stop it from happening.

The Global Warming crowd have been so dead wrong with everything turning sharply colder these last few years that they changed the name of their theory to “CLIMATE CHANGE” that of course man has created. They refuse to look historically at climate change and how rapid it has taken place in the past.

baby-mammothWhat I can confirm is that the poles do flip. How fast they flip, is certainly open for debate. However, based upon physics, it would seem to be extremely rapid and while the Sunspot Cycle is far more frequent, we at least know we did not cause that one driving around in our cars. The flipping of the poles may explain the discovery of animals suddenly frozen in Siberia still eating food. Or it may be just a sudden shift in the poles, which do move. Sorry, the North Pole is moving toward Russia and it is not bringing Santa Claus with gifts.

It was actually those discoveries during the 1700s of woolly mammals that once roamed the Earth still frozen and preserved that shocked people for they died quickly thanks to rapid climate change. It was that fast change in the climate, which appears to have been virtually instant with a few years which drove the mammals to extinction BEFORE man really got civilization going. Discoveries of frozen mammals still continue to this day. There are even marks on the Sphinx that show rain erosion in Egypt. The desert was once green for there are cave drawings of all sorts of animals. In Babylonian legal records the price of wood rose sharply to the point a door was worth more than the house. All of this shows rapid climate change in the past long before modern man. Of course we do not talk about the past for then academics can’t get access to billions for party time.

We may be actually turning down with the solar cycle into a colder period not warming. So it looks like this will be a trial by ice rather than by fire. This is not preaching we can reverse it. Sorry – we are just screwed. I am not sure you can even drive south fast enough when the poles do flip.

What I do know from the ECM, whatever seems to be wrong, will go wrong on this next cycle. So what the hell. We might as well throw this one in there too and bring it all on. I do so miss Global Warming. So while the academics are begging for billions to study how man has caused this climate change, the 720,000 year cycle may be on its way and their bank accounts may be literally frozen.