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Training Session Supplemental Materials

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Those that attended the Training Conference are invited to send questions on how to trade that will be addressed in a supplemental manual. Four days is an awful lot and I have to be on point to handle any question hurled at me on all the subjects. So it is months in the preparation for one of these events. I do not know how much longer I will do these things because they are very exhausting. There is so much work in preparation it is truly a lot. This is like preparing for a PHD on the world.

So we will try to round out the training session into a better course for we just had so many people we had to turn away because there were no more seats. Therefore, we are preparing the DVDs for attendees and supplemental manuals. So please send your questions in now so we can make sure the materials address anything that remains open (keep in mind this is not forecasting for tomorrow).

Thank you for being a great audience. I have been trained by our clients and to field all the questions has been my personal education for they have been both mini-UNs as we had people attending from every continent and at the same time they are always great brain-storming sessions that are only possible with a diverse international audience.

So thank you all for a great experience