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Tis the Season for War

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Syrian Street

Tis the season for war and tensions continue to rise on every possible front. I have received so many questions as to how can our Cycle of War be so accurate. This is not a single dimension analysis. It is not my personal opinion. I am not a talking head to fill air time with opinion. This is a model based upon historical fact – not fiction. It is a model that is constructed upon the entire history of the rise and fall of Empires, Nations, and City States. History repeats because the common denominator NEVER changes – human emotion. Turn the economy down and you get war. Keep raising taxes and you get civil unrest. This is not SUBJECTIVE analysis – it is simply the evidence put forth by the ONLY unbiased researcher to have every existed – our computer. It is not religious, political, and it is race and color blind. It is simply what it is – just the facts.

A standoff between Western powers and Russia is raging Behind the Curtain. The focal points are the Ukraine and the Middle East. This standoff is emerging with respect with Syria as the West supported the Saudi Arabian pipeline to get gas to Europe to eliminate Russia’s monopoly. The US has even begun to ship oil to Europe.

The US and Russia are deadlocked in talks at Geneva. Reuters has reported that Russia threw down the gauntlet in the UN Security Council with its own proposal.