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Dear Mr. Armstrong:
I hope you are doing well and congratulations for your successful work, research and forecasts!. I don´t understand, Why TIME is more important than PRICE?. For example, Why the PRICE of gold is not important?.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
1-Six Dimensions

ANSWER: TIME governs everything for everything is connected in the Sixth Dimension by this complex element. Yet each and everything also has its TIME and PLACE which are the Fourth and Second Dimensions. Where gold bottoms in price is really irrelevant for no uptrend is possible until everything is aligned. Once the markets are all in alignment, then the trend changes for everything. The price of anything is secondary to the trend alignment and that is all about TIME.

Consequently, like in the Dow, we had three targets, 18,500, 23,000, and then the 37,000-40,000 level. PRICE is the second dimension only. But the TIME is unchangable for it is a unique property of everything. COMPLEX TIME is the sixth dimension – an alignment that requires everything to be in place where the world correlates. This is revealed through our tracking of global capital flows. It is also why you can try to create a model on a single market even with cycles, only to find that your best efforts will fail because all cycles must converge and distort to create the major alignments.