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Time & Price

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are the following figures still valid. Will Gold fall to USD 950 per Ounce or is it more likely to build the low in the optimum range?

Thank you for the great audio-interview and your support of the little guy!


ANSWER: Yes. The timing is 2014 as the optimal target. However, we could see a cycle inversion pushing the sideways to lower trend into its final low in 2015 and then rally as the ECM declines. This will be laid out in the coming report. But it is ALWAYS a question of TIME and PRICE. Keep in mind that NOTHING trades in a vacuum. This is like a ballet and every step and every dancer has to be in their place to pull off the great performance.

As far as the low is concern, the price can be between 1050 and 850. It is more WHEN the price is reached rather than the express actual number. BOTH have to be achieved. If we saw $950 tomorrow, sorry, that would not be the low because the time is not right.