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QUESTION: As a long time follower since 1980 you always stressed time was more important than price.

Your benchmark time points stress time yet you still picked price can you explain?


ANSWER: Yes, we give projections for the ideal targets, but they are broad in one way and when geared with time they can be more reliable. But as in the Dow, there were three 18500, 23000 and 40,000. If this was the end of a bull cycle, then the 18500 would be sufficient. However, we still have time so that means we should look at the next target.

Time-6Technical projections will be provided at the specific time target. TIME is the main issue ALWAYS. There is a TIME for everything. When we reach the Benchmarks, it will not matter if the low in gold will be $902, $875, or $680.

When TIME runs out that is it. That is always the key issue. PRICE is secondary.