This Market Will Begin When Gentlemen Prefer Stocks to Bonds

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QUESTION: “You do not see the stock market peak with the bottom in rates. That has NEVER happened even once”.

So the new highs in the global stock markets are not due to the zero or negative interest rates and these are not the peaks, yet? The peaks will happen when rates rise (bonds collapse) and money flows out of bonds into cash and possibly equities which sets the rise in motion to its eventual peak?  Like we have seen in Argentina?
Mellon-Gentlemen Prefer Bonds
ANSWER: The Negative Interest rates are not the cause of money moving into equities, it has been driven into the DAX because people are betting on the collapse in the Euro and German assets will presumably yield Deutsche marks. Money moves to equities as the flight to quality when the concern is government. Likewise, when the stock market is the concern they run to bonds. The two are opposite. Andrew Mellon reportedly said in 1929: “This market will end when ‘Gentlemen prefer bonds.’”