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Thirst for Taxes Locks out Vatican from Electronic Wire Transfers like Iran

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Vatican-rIf anyone ever thought governments are Christian as opposed to the old atheist USSR, you have another thing coming. Governments do not trust the Vatican and have cut it off from the international banking system unless it reports on every person involved behind any transfer of money. I guess the 19 Terrorists and the camel are connected. Or is it their track record for running an underground railroad helping Jews flee Germany who were taking money with them that Hitler wanted. Of course there are the allegations that the Mafia infiltrated the Vatican Bank in the 1970s and then killed the new pope John Paul I when he died alone in September 1978 only a month after his election to the Papacy. The theory was he discovered what the Mafia were doing.The suddenness of the death, and the great difficulties with the ceremonial and legal death procedures such as issuing a legitimate death certificate have spawned several conspiracy theories.

Today, if the Vatican helped the Jews under the new laws, that is money laundering helping anyone hide money for whatever reason from governments (see indictment of Wegelin & Co oldest Swiss bank). Obviously, this is like the scene in Good-fellers when the kid is in the confessional saw a murder and the Priest asks what he saw. The kid responds “Your guy maybe boss in Heaven, but these guys are boss down here.”