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They Prosecute Pickpockets while letting Real Thieves Run Free

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COMMENT: Hi and thanks:

I’ve been following you since before Rikers. I had doubts as to whether you would make it or not. Tough and determined obviously.


Before I had ever heard of you I realized there were massive flows of capital through-out the world but limited in knowledge and information access I had no way to follow or measure them. Kind of like the tide moving in and out. I grew up living on the water. My backyard was the beach and the Atlantic. Nothing like visual cycles. Thanks for the validation. I would suggest everyone spend time on the beach.


Due to family obligations I missed your calls in’11 &’12 on the metals. It was ’13 before I realized what was going on and managed to extricate myself tho not without some lumps.


In return for the information you have provided me I offer the following. Perhaps you might want to include it in your blog.


” Generations before you were destroyed because they declined to punish the powerful thieves yet were relentless in punishing the small pickpockets.”


This is a Hadith. Certifiable words by the “certifiers”, who ever they were, of  the Profit Mohammad.


Thanks again,



PS. I lived in the Conch Republic for most of my adult life and have used calcium bentonite/clay/mud for cuts, infections, insect bites, heartburn, etc., for years.