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There is no long-term future without serious reform

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COMMENT:  Yes you are correct MA  Australia is way to socialistic!!  This country needs people with brains but those with them don’t want to stay because they can feel the isolation and limit of the countries location.  

But do you think the UK is any better??  Look at it , it follows US in war, bows down over NSA (Australia would too by the way!) so the poms are no better in many ways.

Just observation.




REPLY: Some people cannot separate OPINION from FACT. I loved Australia. I rummaged through the outback even swimming with the “Freshy” crocks. I lived in London and still have my British drivers license. But those fond memories only sadden me to see the economic demise. Britain was perhaps my second home. I always visited Margaret Thatcher in Victoria. Unfortunately, personal fondness has no room in analysis. Britain looks bad. Its banking system is corrupted by New York.

So for now, the choices of a safe place to retire are diminishing like grass in the middle of an August drought (February downunder). So no. Perhaps we will have to meet in shallow water someplace and bring our own rock and start from scratch. The days of freedom and the life we once dreamed of are fading into the night. We so desperately need to get rid of these professional politicians who support things like the NSA and line their pockets with the help of the bankers. There is no long-term future without serious reform.