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There is no Double Jeopardy

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I find it amazing that people actually think there is a rule of law or a constitutional right that is still standing. They have ruled there need no search warrants for emails. They can break into your hope if think there is a just reason. You have no right to remain silent if they work for a corporation because corporations have no such rights. Now some seem to think that the Goldman Sachs employee who allegedly stole code and it was publicly said markets could be manipulated with such a computer code was home free after his conviction was reversed in New York, now finds himself being criminally charged again by the State of New York. Let’s make this very clear. Article VI of the Constitution said it was to be the Supreme Law of the land. That is just bullshit. For you see, the Supreme Court created a rule known as “Dual Sovereignty” saying every separate sovereign has the right to do as its pleases, except of course when the Feds do not like that. In Heath v. Alabama, 474 U.S. 82 (1985), is a case in which the US Supreme Court ruled that, because of the doctrine of “dual sovereignty” (the concept that the US and each state possesssovereignty – a consequence of federalism), the double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution does not prohibit one state from prosecuting and punishing somebody for an act of which he had already been found innocent or convicted of and sentenced for in another state or the Feds.

The Ex-Goldman Sachs computer program Sergei Aleynikov, whose conviction was overturned by federal prosecutors alleging he stole internal computer code that prosecutors said was so vital it could be used to manipulate markets implying that must have been what Goldman Sachs did with the code, will be now charged by New York state prosecutors according to an announcement by his lawyer Kevin Marino.You have ZERO rights. Just like Coxley in 1894 who lead the first march on Washington was arrested for walking in the grass not for exercising his right to Freedom of Speech. There are no rights, privileges, or immunities that remain as intended by Jefferson and Franklin. They cannot imprison you for NOT paying your taxes, they can criminally prosecute you for not telling them you owe them money. They have a way around everything leaving nothing standing.

In 1776, you were the property of the kind. No one could punish you for a crime in another country. They had to send you back to your owner. Today, you owe taxes because you were born American and do not use any services. You owe worldwide income in the USA because you are the property of Congress. So much for the land of the free and home of the brave. Just bullshit.

So to answer the questions about Double Jeopardy, sorry, they have ruled all other rights apply to the states. This one, they created the Dual Sovereignty doctrine to strip you or your right not to be prosecuted more than once. This is precisely what the kind did. If you were not convicted in Boston, he kept putting you on trial in each state until he got his pound of flesh. Welcome to the land of the suppressed.