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The World is Going Nuts & Gold May Not Help

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Galut - Yann

The French Socialist MP Yann Galut, the deputy chairman of the new Commission on Tax Exile, told the press he intended to target French who have left the country and go after their assets regardless where they live. In a book I hope to have finished this year, I have covered the collapse of every form of government throughout recorded history. The common thread is the fiscal mismanagement that causes it to commit suicide. The Goldbugs hate my guts because I point out that hyperinflation is nonsense and it has ONLY taken place in the peripheral economies where there are no debt markets. That is why such states like Germany after World War I and Zimbabwe hyperinflate because they cannot sell debt. This scenario assumes government tries to comply with its obligations rather than attacks the economy as historically they typically do, as the French are leading the way to self-destruction. Hyperinflation took place because of communists/socialists who staged the German Revolution in 1918 ending the German Imperial Government.


There is a far greater danger than what the Goldbugs preach. I have written about Maximinus I (235-238AD)  and how his three actions against the people of Rome set in motion the collapse of the entire monetary system. Maximinus did what governments are moving toward with lightening speed right now. He was desperate for money as they are to sustain power and declared that ALL wealth within the Roman Empire now belonged to the state! He established a network of spies and paid rewards for anyone who turned in people hiding their wealth. Once capital went into hiding, it did not return in force and the economic decline gathered steam ending in collapse 31.4 years later – yes the Pi cycle.


To maintain power, Maximinus doubled the soldiers’ pay to buy their loyalty. He also appropriated ornaments from public places and temples. Whatever wealth religion had, he confiscated. The Roman Senate declared him an enemy of the state and even appointed someone else as Emperor to defend the empire against what would amount to a bureaucratic uprising in current political terms. It was all the unfunded pensions owed to soldiers that destroyed Rome. Today, government workers demand the state honor what it promised regardless of the impact upon the economy and society. They want their’s.

To desperately hold on to power, Maximinus allowed the army to sack the cities that resisted the demands of the Emperor. Soldiers could rape and pillage their own countrymen. There were no foreign lands to conquer, so they turned inward against their own citizens. The action of Maximinus is similar to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. What happened by attacking the rich? Investment collapsed, capital was hoarded, and the velocity of money imploded. Unemployment soared for why should anyone invest if they are being hunted down like animals? Government should read the speech of Francisco‘s speech in Atlas Shrugged until it sinks in. Unless we completely restructure the global economy, there will be nothing left. This is utterly unsustainable. Sorry – you will pray for hyperinflation before this concludes.


The first step of Maximinus’ solution is precisely what the French Socialist MP Yann Galut wants to do with the new Commission on Tax Exile. Instead of reforming and looking at how Marxism, and the West’s version called Socialism, is destroying everything we have ever fought for, LIBERTY for all, he will destroy civilization and there will be no stone left standing this time. He is pitting government workers against capital. Not even gold is holding up because governments are attacking the underground economy like never before in history. France forbids the buying and selling of gold for cash. They have outlawed paying for anything in cash greater than 1000 euros.

The advance in technology has opened the door to even those who have touted the coming of the Anti-Christ who would forbid anyone to buy or sell without the number of the Beast. Perhaps the beast is just government. What they are doing collectively is taking that form of trying to stop all buying and selling without their pound of flesh – TAXATION. Forcing everyone into electronic money is trying to eliminate the underground economy at all costs.

Galut is targeting the French living in Switzerland and claims there is between 30 and 80 billion euros a year, of which 30% he will give directly to Switzerland, if it cooperates in hunting down the French. Switzerland imposes a “flat tax” on some 5445 people, among them some are French as of 2010. The French only see that in 2010 there was 668 million Swiss francs of revenue that was collected. This is not a tax based on the real wealth of the individual, but on his expenses.


There is simply no discussion at all. Even if governments collected every last cent, how does the system survive beyond the first year?  This is defeating everything that made civilization rise because the sum of the parts was greater than the whole. Now, it has become a burden and there is no relief in sight. Perhaps this is why the model on civil unrest turns up in 2014. Even in Germany, more than 50% of the civil work force is employed by government. We all have an adopted child we never met – a government employee who we have to support for their retirement at our expense.