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The World Economy – A Balancing Act Soon to Collapse?

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COMMENT: Dear Martin,
From reading your blog and other news I can conclude that the low interest rate has failed to increase the private business activities to the level that normally would require an increase in interest rates. The arguments now are to increase interest rates to save pensions funds and to be able to reduce interest rates if we get another financial crises.
To me it look like the system is totally out of balance and have not worked like the normal capitalistic system since 2006.



REPLY: Correct. Governments have embraced Marx & Keynes because they argued that government had the RIGHT and the CAPACITY to manipulate society by the economy creating Utopia eliminating the business cycle. They create economic disasters, blame others, and then start wars to get out the mess. It is never our interests at stake – only their’s. The Free Market always wins and this age of Socialism where they decide how to spend your money (usually on themselves), is coming to an abrupt end just as did communism. This balancing act has been a disaster because they assumed they had the power to control something they have no clue about how it even functions. Sorry but Smith and Schumpeter win.


Ironically, those who lived in communist states are better equipped to survive for they simply expect nothing from government. In Europe and the USA, people stupidly believe government is there with a safety net to help them. They keep moving the age for retirement. They keep raising taxes which proves they are incapable of any fiscal management since to raise taxes means you failed to do what you promised. Indeed, like Will Rogers, one need not joke about government and politicians, all you have to do is state the facts.



Dig-Own-GraveYet we are the fools who elect people with no experience and expect actually a good job. Look at Hillary. Many will vote for her just because she is a woman – nothing else just as some voted for Obama because he was black. Or a Bush because he had the “name”. We truly deserve what we get when we elect incompetent people that change our future who are corrupt, unethical, and unprincipled. We are too stupid to realize we compel history to repeat and we dig our own graves. We most certainly get what we deserve.