The Way of the Future

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“Come, Watson, come!” Sherlock Holmes cried. “The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!” There has been some who are upset at IBM’s Watson who they have been educating regarding medicine. Artificial Intelligence is the way of the future for as individuals we learn personally, yet are incapable of preserving and passing on our experiences. The only way to build a knowledge base is to create a computer that retains that knowledge.

We are completing the verbal interface now. We hope to provide a portal into a computer system that will blow your mind. You can ask questions and it will respond for it does understand English far better than as Siri users have come to expect. As IBM has sought to create a medical assistant, since the 1970s, our goal has been to create the ultimate assistant that will provide solutions and a knowledge base in economics that is the driving force behind everything. Do that right, and you will eliminate war.

Plain and simple, if you eliminate each factor one by one, then the one which remains must be the truth. Far too common in analysis, the capital mistake is to theorize before one even investigates for then. what will happen is inevitably what begins is the twisting of facts to prove the theories, rather than theories that emerge from the discovery of facts. This approach leads to 100% failure each and every time.