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The Warns of Collapse are Coming from Inside Government Now

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EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger is part of a growing undertone within the European government that is finally getting real. He has warned that Europe is a one giant case destined for restructuring and that some countries in Europe have simply become ungovernable anymore. He has warned that Brussels does not have a clue what’s going on and still behaves as there is no crisis. They are living in a state of denial and the longer this continues the worse it will get. France is not prepared for what is coming and is way too far down the Marxist path with public spending ratio of 57% of GDP. The amount of government workers in France are double that of the EU average. There is just no hope as politicians stand in the way of saving Western Civilization.

Günther Oettinger’s recent remarks have been reported in the German newspaper:

Inside sources have been telling us that the bad-mouthing of especially myself is coming from both bureaucrats and bankers who realize that our proposal to stop borrowing and eliminate taxation to revive the economy and restore our liberty is against their self-interests. They are getting desperate to try to prevent anyone from looking at reform that goes against their self-interests. They would rather destroy society and try to be the richest men in the middle of a wasteland employed by a government that hunts down its citizens to feed the undeserved pensions of bureaucrats than consider what is best for everyone. The hatred hurled our way is amazing and it illustrates one thing – we hit the sweet-spot.

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