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The War on Cash

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I reported that the French now require banks to report to the government financial police anyone depositing or withdrawing €10,000 over one month. The United States is also moving in the same direction. The Justice Department wants banks to report to the police if you withdraw $5,000 in cash. Already it appears that deposits or withdraws of cash of just $3,000 are being reported to the IRS. Stores or business depositing cash are now being charged a fee to deposit cash.

The governments are desperately using terrorism as the excuse to hide their war on cash. They are trying to eliminate money all together to force 120% tax collection. There is no reform contemplated, just raise taxes all the time. There is no end game here that has anything to do with preserving our freedom and way of life.

What is going to become the new underground money? It may be diamonds, stamps, and rare coins. This is getting very crazy.