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The Upcoming Conferences & the Difference

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The March Solution Conference is explaining what is happening and presenting practical solutions for the future. This is designed for everyone. We are preparing a bill for Congress to be championed on Capitol Hill. It is perhaps strategically designed to start a debate that there is the other side of Marxism where taxes are truly no longer needed and borrowing perpetually year after year is just insane and no longer sustainable.

The fall World Economic Conference for 2015 will be for Investors & Traders. This event will address what do we do to invest in for the next period. These are learning experience for you will meet a wide variety of clients that will create friends, bonds, and networking. We will be providing the timing on all key markets, reversals, and connect the dots so you can understand how everything is connected.

We do NOT pitch you to sell anything. This is a serious conference designed to guide people for the future. This is about surviving. We will look at the asset allocation for a portfolio moving forward.