The Truth about the Bundy Land Grab by Harry Reid

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Reid Harry


I have bluntly stated that Harry Reid is one of the most corrupt power mongers in Washington. I cannot believe this man did FATCA that is eliminating American small business from expanding internationally on a wholesale level while allowing only established Multinational Corporations to function internationally. FATCA was exempt from any study when passed, I believe because they knew what it would do at least to American small business, but most likely had no idea that they were undermining the entire world economy and inspiring its collapse.

In Nevada, I have stated that this land grab from Bundy was another corrupt move by Reid and had no legitimate basis in fact – just another money grab. The cover-up is in full swing to prevent any investigation whatsoever. Now there is a video out on the corruption and you have to understand how these people operate. They do not accept money directly, but their family and friends can line their pockets until the cows come home – as they say.

Third parties are starting to rise everywhere standing against this pervasive corruption. This is a global trend and what was taking place in Ukraine is in Thailand as well. There is a third-party rising in India against corruption. Representative government SUCKS. Hopefully, the next evolution in our political-economy will be toward direct democracy with term limits one-time only to prevent people like Reid from staying for life outside of question or law.