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The Truth About Eastern Ukraine

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The West wishes to blame everything in the East on Russia. But there is another element that is creating far more terror and is being attributed toe Russia – U N F A I R L Y. Between this apparent East v West conflict, gangs of criminals have emerged in the East that may now even be reaching the majority. They simply kill anyone they do not like knowing there can be no prosecution. They take whatever they want. In Horlivka (Russian: Gorlivoka), there is not even bread for sale for a week at a time. Children no longer go to school.

The rising gangs of criminals are not fighting for political reasons, just to torment and take advantage of total anarchy. Of course, the West will attribute this to Putin when in fact this element is not. Those in the East would even welcome Russia to stop the criminal gangs. The only purpose of government is to provide order. They have no other obligation to society other than infrastructure.