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The Three Domestic Threats Targeted by USA For 2014

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The government is already preparing for the the wave of civil unrest that will hit the USA shore starting in 2014. They have been labelled in a West Point report as “a racist/white supremacy movement, an anti-federalist movement and a fundamentalist movement.” While the White Power groups have lost a lot of members, they have never been focused on the overthrow of the political government. The religious fundamentalist are perhaps trying to gain control of government to impose their religious beliefs upon others by force, but they are still within the frame work of a political movement that is not to overthrow the government, The ant-federalist groups tend to be fed up with government and more often than not was to separate regions from the core power of Washington. Nevertheless, as the Washington Times reports, these are the new threats argued by government and taught at West Point.

None of these groups are what you would call revolutionary. The interest aspect is who is ever in power always seeks anyone who opposes their power as some form of terrorists. King George III sent troops to Thomas Jefferson’s house to hang him as no doubt a terrorist. So the term seems to apply to the loser in such political battles.

Nonetheless, the two main imports from Europe are (1) fashion and (2) economic trends. World War I, II began there. The Great Depression took place because of the Sovereign Debt Crisis of 1931 began there. The civil unrest emerging from the collapse of government safety nets is headed this way and should start in 2014.