The Terrorist Exchange – Fake or Real?

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Ghailani Ahmed

A lot of people have written asking my take on the Terrorist Exchange. The first question to ask – are they really terrorists? Assume nothing. The answer is probably no. Why? Obama promised on 60 Minutes to stop the torture and to close Guantanamo Bay. He used that citing Bush during the Presidential Campaign. Why did he not follow through on anything?

Those held in Guantanamo Bay are victims of the propaganda of the US administration and the refusal to ever admit they make a mistake. Before you go getting all patriotic, the reason I say this is because Obama did follow through and placed their BEST case on trial in New York. Ahmed Ghailani was put on trial in Manhattan Federal Court because government assumed that New Yorkers would just do what the government told them. This was the first civilian trial of a Guantanamo prisoner that Obama promised would happen and it was the last. Why? That trial ended with a totally shocking acquittal of an accused Al Qaeda operative on all but a single count. The only count of conspiracy to do something undefined (guilt by mere association) out of 224 counts was what the jury found him guilty of. In a 4 1/2 hour deliberation, very short, sweet, and to the point, the jury did what they were supposed to do, acquit if there is no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

If this was the BEST they had, is it any wonder Guantanamo remains open and nobody else has been given a fair public trial. Sorry. I “think” the exchange was good reddens. They do not know what to do with these people who have been there way too long with no PUBLIC trial. So the exchange I think was fair and an escape for the Administration. If these people were really terrorists, they would NEVER let them go. They would have been paraded around and tried.

When government FAILS to do what it is supposed to do, there is always a reason.