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The Tax Hunt is for Anyone – not just the Rich!

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The hunt for money as government get desperate is destroying the world economy but also the lives of so many people. I have reported previously how a 14-year-old cannot open an account in Switzerland because his mother is American, his father is Swiss, and he was born in Switzerland never traveling to the USA. Banks around the world are now sifting through their records and are to report anyone with American connection to the IRS. Countless people in Canada are scrambling running to their lawyers because one of their parents were an American.

Even retarded children are being sucked into this tax hunt. The law is the law and when these people wrote laws, they are too stupid to even understand the full implications of their actions. ANYONE who has not filed includes people who are not even competent to file. Money salted away by their parents for their care after they are gone means nothing.

The problem with the United States is they view all citizens as their property. It is not a question of paying your FAIR SHARE – they are hunting people who have never even lived in the USA and received no benefits whatsoever. This is all about their ownership of people no different from the King of England. Before the revolution, if you were British and killed someone in Paris, Paris was not permitted to punish you. They sent you back in chains to your Sovereign who owned you.

The American Revolution was all about freedom and the rejection of ownership by a Sovereign. This was the birth of TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION meaning that if you were from France and committed a crime in the United States, you were tried like a citizen for all the rights and privileges of citizenship applied since they would not send you back in chains to your king.

The American view that all citizens must pay taxes even when you are not living in the United States is a reversal of the entire principle of the American Revolution. We are no longer free citizens but still the property of the state. This is fundamentally UNCONSTITUTIONAL but you will never get any Federal Judge to listen. So here we are once again reduced to merely the property of the state with no right to be heard.


The true tragedy of this entire affair regarding the hunt for taxes, is that this is a barbaric relic of the past. Since money is no longer tangible and predominantly electronic, there is no need for taxes anymore. We should simply expand the money supply to cover expenses and stop the borrowing. Almost 70% of the national debt is accumulative interest payments. That means this whole socialistic Utopian dream of making the rich pay for the poor is the biggest lie ever invested. With such a high proportion of interest since we NEVER reduce the debt, one day 100% of all taxes will simply be exported to those holding bonds – that is the real transfer of wealth that has to come to an end or we will not survive the years ahead.