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The Taking of Gold Was Unconstitutional – So what?

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You have to understand that we really have no rule of law in the United States. This is part of the reason it is collapsing. When Roosevelt confiscated gold, do you realize that the Supreme Court held that his retroactive changing of the Gold Clause was UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

We have no real courts. Judges are appointed by the state for LIFE! Do you really think they will ever rule in favor of the people? Yes, they held that what Roosevelt did was illegal. However, they said there was no harm so you had no cause of action against them. They can declare it to be illegal to simply own gold. It is your obligation to then fight them in court that will takes years. Bottom line? They can act as ever as they like for there is no real right you have to anything without the money to go to court and hope the Judge will rule against the government, will not be overruled by the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court does not ensure the government wins just as they did with the Bush Gore elections that was along party lines. And Santa Claus really lands on your roof all on the same night around the world.

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