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The Spies are Going Insane – Britain Taps into Fiber Cables into Germany

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British intelligence GCHQ has spied on the Transatlantic fiber optic cable grabbing ALL German e-mails and phone calls. Just what the hell is going on in this world? This is like a jealous girl/boyfriend trying to make you account for every minute you are not with them. Enough is enough! Any politician who defends this nonsense should be run out of office PERMANENTLY. There is nobody guarding the guards. There were 19 guys + perhaps a camel who attacked the World Trade Center. Government knew all about that plot 1 year in advance because the FIRST World Trade Center Bombers drew the twin towers on the wall of their cell at MCC New York on level 9 South with planes going into it one year BEFORE! I suppose that was not reliable because they didn’t have to torture them for that info. Yes the correction office was Wm Kumb and no NY Newspapers would dare report the truth – New York Times included. This is why they created Homeland Security to gather all evidence from the agencies who had the info. They don’t want to publicly acknowledge that one.

So let’s see; we need to seize everything to keep society safe when they could not stop the Boston Bombers who used cell phones. The more you seize, the long it will take to sift through everything and you will NEVER prevent an attack tomorrow. The truth? They are too busy looking for taxes and money to seize while pretending to be looking for terrorists – good one! The real formula:

Terrorists = More Power = more TAXES