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The Secret Obama Strategy

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obama yelling

Obama keeps turning to speaking engagements blasting the Republicans and refuses to negotiate with them despite the poles show that 59% now believe he should be staying in Washington. There is another agenda going on that is becoming very obvious to real political observers. Obama is pushing the  gun controls and more taxes in order to force the Republicans to compromise since Boehner plays that game. The real objective is to force the Republicans to bend and that he hopes will wipe them out in the mid-term elections. Then Obama will be able to do as he pleases for the last two years in a virtual dictatorship role.

Obama can destroy the Republican Party in this manner because Boehner is the old-style country-club Republican who stands for nothing.  This is turning out to be political warfare perhaps setting the stage for a third party in 2016, This strategy that is becoming very obvious because Obama is trying to make headlines not actually win anything right now. He will not negotiate without raising more taxes. He was brilliant in getting the tax increases that will be 10% on the average American and make it more costly for small business to hire more people. This he will use against the Republicans and say see – they refuse to tax the rich. He is betting on pain with the spending cuts and wants to use that as a stake to drive through the heart of the Republicans for the midterm elections. He wants to follow France down the road of taxation and is beefing up enforcement on a global scale. When the Economic Confidence Model turns down again 2015.75, this time it will make the fall from 2007 look like a dress rehearsal. Instead of the bankers to be bailed out, how will we bailout the country?

The talking points are amazing. Reducing government employee wages is bad for the economy but not private individuals. Then there is his argument that spending cuts are bad and do not work look at Europe where austerity is failing! Of course he ignores the tax hike there as well. I have just never seen such dishonesty of a grand scale in my whole life. Never has politics been this bad.

BTW – Yes, all the fiscal conservatives who supported Ron Paul that Boehner threw out of every committee having to do with finance makes you wonder whose side is Boehner really on.