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The Secret Agenda

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During the late 1970s, I was chairman of the American Gold Council for one year. I had to fly around the USA and do a media tour. It taught me a lot about how it is done. You fly into a city and you do the newspapers, radio, and TV shows. You hop on the plane and go to the next city. Watch when a new movie comes out. The actors will appear on every talk show. This is how it is done.

Summers Larry

We had Larry Summers come out and advocate (1) negative interest rates and (2) the elimination of all cash moving to electronic money.  There will be no possible way to even hoard cash and that means it is all taxable.


The reason I blasted Thomas Piketty is because I KNOW the agenda. People like him have put together a book that is absolutely unsupported by the facts. Its purpose is clear – the Secret Agenda of Obama, IMF, Europe, and just about every other closet communist/socialist is to raise taxes back to pre-Reagan in the USA 70%.


It does not matter that the IRS’s own figures demonstrates that by lowering tax rates, Reagan increased tax revenue. It does not matter. Facts are never good enough to cover up lies and the Secret Marxist Agenda that is running at full steam.


Christine Lagarde at the IMF has “advised” the USA it must raise taxes by 35% in order to restrain the U.S.’s future budget crisis. This is the woman Obama put at the IMF and she was head of the Chicago law firm where they became good buddies. She was a plan t to raise taxes and her agenda has been to reduce entitlements and raise taxes. The IMF states bluntly that the federal government must raise taxes by at least 35% and cut entitlements such as health care and Social Security by 35%. In other words, we are just economic slaves. We get nothing but the “privilege” to pay taxes to these people. This was laid out in her new working paper.

Now we have another Frenchman, Thomas Piketty saying the problem is people who have too much, not that government spends too much. He now appeared twice on Bloomberg TV – the cornerstone of establishment and government propaganda.

in the morning with Tom Keene:

in the afternoon with Stephanie Ruhle:

Both congratulated him for his research and the success of his book. How much were they paid to spread this agenda? Did they even realize what he is saying? Or are those who assist this propaganda exempt from 80% taxation like politicians?


When the economy turns DOWN after 2015.75, they will raise taxes aggressively arguing it is a lack of confidence in their budget deficits that needs to be corrected. Wake-UP! Forget hyperinflation – that is a distraction that will NEVER take place.. This is VERY SERIOUS stuff – the real Secret Agenda is more “social justice” Marxist style – HELLO! It’s DEFLATION. The real destroyer of civilization and I did back test this through ALL recorded history.